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Marine Engine Part

  • Fuel Oil High Pressure Pipe
  • Hydraunic Pipe
  • Class Pipe
  • ME Engine HCU&HPS Pipe
  • Gas Engine Double Wall Pipe

Class Pipe

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World best, SUNG-IL ENCARE is making it. Since SUNGIL ENCARE a leading supplier of high pressure pipes for large marine engines.Has accumulated technical know-how and experience by supplying high pressure engine pipes to major marine engine makers in Korea, Japan and others for 20years. Especially, high pressure pipes of HPS&HCU for electronically controlled advanced engines give high satisfaction to uor customers around the world. Also, Double Wall Pipe Line of fuel oil engine(ME-GI) which is eco-friendly shipping propulsion system is successfully completed the development.

Marine Engine (MAN B&W AND SULZER)
50ME/C, 60ME/C, 70ME/C, 80ME/C, 90ME/C, 98ME/C, WX62, WX72, WX82, 35~98MC/C, 72U, 96C, 82T, 62U
Republic of Korea(R.O.K)
ISO9001, ISO1400, OHSAS 18001, ASME P, PP
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  • It is a pipe line that if the inner cylinder of the shipping engine reaches a certain point of a pressure it supplies air and maintain and keep it. Also, it helps the fuel oil pipe to stay and pump-up to a fix pressure of the fuel oil which goes into the cylinder.