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Marine Engine Part

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  • Hydraunic Pipe
  • Class Pipe
  • ME Engine HCU&HPS Pipe
  • Gas Engine Double Wall Pipe

ME Engine HCU&HPS Pipe

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World best, SUNG-IL ENCARE is making it. Since SUNGIL ENCARE a leading supplier of high pressure pipes for large marine engines.Has accumulated technical know-how and experience by supplying high pressure engine pipes to major marine engine makers in Korea, Japan and others for 20years. Especially, high pressure pipes of HPS&HCU for electronically controlled advanced engines give high satisfaction to uor customers around the world. Also, Double Wall Pipe Line of fuel oil engine(ME-GI) which is eco-friendly shipping propulsion system is successfully completed the development.

Marine Engine (MAN B&W)
50ME/C, 60ME/C, 70ME/C, 80ME/C, 90ME/C, 98ME/C
Republic of Korea(R.O.K)
ISO9001, ISO1400, OHSAS 18001, ASME P, PP,
MAN Disel&Turbo
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  • Pipe line of electronically controlled new engine’s hydraulic system HCU(HYDRO CYLINDER UNIT)and HPS(HYDRO PUMP STATION) which play role as CAM SHIFT of the old engine and make the LUB OIL HYDRO.