Offshore Plant(Steel Structure) Large Marine Engine Parts, Steel-Structure Parts, Vacuum Precision Investment Casting

Power Plant

  • Steel Structure
  • Piping Spool

Receptacle (Thruster)

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  • Power Plant
  • Steel Structure
Republic of Korea(R.O.K)
ISO9001, ISO1400, OHSAS 18001, ASME P, PP
  • Oil Tank
  • Receptacle
    Oil Tank
  • Wall Closing Cover
    Wall Closing Cover
  • E-Motor Foundation
    E-Motor Foundation
  • Mounting Can
    Mounting Can
  • As a construction that supports the propeller shaft of drill ship, it requires accurate steel production, so it’s very exacting steel product.
  • CUSTOMER : HHI, Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd, DSME, Doosanheavy, WARTSILA